We've Got You Covered!

Dear Viewers,

On The Record is back "on the road."   On Sunday I am flying to L.A. to begin FOX News' California recall election coverage.  Our plan -- assuming no other news item arises to bump it -- is to do live On The Record shows from L.A. on Monday and Tuesday at our usual time. 

Tuesday we will actually do two live shows -- one at 10 p.m. Eastern Time (7 p.m. Pacific Time) and three hours later, a second one at 1a.m. ET on Wednesday (which is, of course, 10 p.m. PT on Tuesday.)  The goal is to keep FOX News live and give you the minute by minute results of an exciting election.  Of course, between our two On The Record live shows on Tuesday, my colleagues Brit Hume, Alan Colmes and Sean Hannity will be doing live election coverage.  In short, if you want to know exactly what is happening in the election when it is happening, watch us!  We have the election covered!

By the way, I thought you would be amused by this recent event.   A few months ago, an author who is an old friend of a former CNN colleague of mine sent me a galley of his book asking me to read it and write a blurb on the back cover.  I had once met the author on an airplane but that was the extent of my relationship with the author.  The book sat on my desk for a few weeks as I kept hoping that I would find time to read it and evaluate whether a blurb was appropriate.   It ended up getting buried underneath a ton of paperwork on my office.  As you might imagine, while our work may not be difficult, it is extremely busy and time is a premium. 

Then I attended a "going away" party at the Justice Department for an old friend and ran into the author's wife.  Since I did not know her she introduced herself to me.  She, of course, brought up the book.  I was pressed for time but made a mental note to get to the book.  I was actually doing it as a courtesy to my former colleague. 

A few days later, another friend of mine who is also a friend to the author and to my former colleague at CNN called and asked me to write a blurb. This would now be the third reach for me to do this.  The call to read the book and write the blurb could not have come at a busier time but I felt remiss for not having done it (as you can see from my travel and work schedule, sometimes I am in a total time crunch.)  I told my friend I would do it immediately so I set aside time to read the book -- and did.  While it is a good book, I am so busy these days that I don't have extra time to read anything that is not work related.    
I still had to get the "ok" from FOX News to write the blurb so I made calls to my bosses in N.Y. to get the "ok."  Under my contract, and all talent contracts, employers need to "ok" such matters so that the talent doesn't do something stupid.  Of course I took up the time of a boss in N.Y. to do my pitch why the blurb on the back of the book was appropriate.  I was given permission and thus submitted my remarks about the book.
Well, in today's mail I received the final edition -- hard copy -- of the book.  I flipped it over to read my remarks and guess what? My remarks were omitted.  I guess the author decided to "trade up" and get better comments or a bigger name.  I think I received the copy of the book with a personal note from the author because he wants me to book him on the show.  My thought: he probably won't show up!  


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