Topics and Guests, Oct. 2

Leading California recall candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) apologizes for incidents of sexual harassment on 'rowdy movie sets.'


Jim Angle reports: CIA Adviser David Kay (search) updates the House and Senate on the search for weapons of mass destruction (search ) in Iraq. Are we any closer to finding them?

Greg Kelly reports: The free market in Iraq lifts the heavy sales tax and has many of the middle-class rushing to purchase new cars.

Orlando Salinas reports: Rush Limbaugh (search) resigns from ESPN for racially charged comments, but those are not his only troubles. We’ll have the story.

Brian Wilson reports: The House votes to ban ‘partial birth’ abortion — A late term abortion procedure.

Carl Cameron reports: A Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee approves Charles Pickering's(search) nomination to a federal appeals court.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

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