Fox 411: September 2003 Columns

9/30/03: Oscar Winner Kazan Leaves Bitter Legacy
9/30/03: Beatle Wife, Girlfriend, Come Together
9/26/03: George Plimpton Was Behind New Capote Project
9/25/03: Tarantino's 'Kill Bill': A 'Pulp Fiction' Sequel
9/24/03: 'Law & Order': An Orbach Spin-Off?
9/23/03: J-Lo No Diva on Set, Says Famed Director
9/22/03: Ray Romano Open to One More Season
9/19/03: Ben, J-Lo: Could They Still Be a Couple?
9/18/03: 'Anything Else' Would Be Better
9/17/03: Sharon Osbourne: Wynonna? Never Heard of Her
9/16/03: Emmy Jinx? Hurricane Poses Problems for Stars
9/15/03: Ben Affleck: Did Friends Intervene?
9/12/03: The Beatles Sue Apple Computer Over iPod, iTunes
9/11/03: The Beatles Sue Apple Computers Over IPod, ITunes
9/10/03: Hilary Duff Gets the Last Laugh
9/9/03: Simon & Garfunkel Patch It Up
9/8/03: Nicole vs. Cate: Oscar Title Match Comes to NYC
9/7/03: Simon & Garfunkel to Hit the Road Again
9/4/03: Three Oscar-ettes Celebrate 'Thirteen'
9/3/03: Will Scientology Celebs Sign 'Spiritual' Contract?
9/2/03: Arnold's Ex-Gal Pal: Recent or Not?
9/1/03: Did 'Kill Bill' Kill Uma's Marriage?