Fair and Balanced?

A lot of people ask me about bias in the media. I always have a standard response: The issue isn't what the media reports, it's what the media does not report.

For example, I think it's fair game to report these fondling allegations about Arnold Schwarzenegger (search). What's odd is why they weren't brought up earlier, when the Los Angeles Times was sitting on this much, much earlier.

I think it's fair to question a gubernatorial candidate's commitment to women if he has a raucous past with some women. What's odd is not bringing up the same about a former president who had a lot of experiences with a lot of women before and even "while" he was president.

I think it's fair, even though a little weird, to dig up decades-old comments a candidate made about Adolf Hitler. What's odd is not creating nearly the fuss when a senator named Byrd (search) used the "n" word on a national TV show.

I think it's fair to call groping for what it is, wrong and unacceptable, when it involves a man named Schwarzenegger. What's odd is ignoring Juanita Broderick's (search) allegations of something far more serious involving a man named Clinton.

And I think it's fair for NOW and other women's groups to come out and attack Schwarzenegger over his views on women. What's odd is how none of them said boo when it involved Bill Clinton.

I mean, why is it the folks who argued that sex should never be an issue when it involved a Democrat, are now creating such a stink when it involves a Republican? Perhaps because they're hypocritical, phony, smarmy worms with an agenda as transparent as their own puffed up egos?

I'll report. Please.. you decide.

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