Topics and Guests: Oct. 1

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Some in Washington are calling it "Potomac fever"... As the controversy continues to grow over former Ambassador Joe Wilson's wife, White House staffers are being told to save anything and everything during the Justice Department (search) probe into who exactly leaked the identity of a CIA employee.

Meanwhile, syndicated columnist Robert Novak (search), who wrote about the CIA employee in one of his columns in July, has written a new column explaining his side of the story today.

We'll have the latest on this developing story including analysis from FNC Contributor and Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol.

Also, we'll tell you how the Department of Justice (search) conducts investigations into leaks when former Independent Counsel Michael Zeldin joins us. 

And later, FNC Contributor and former Michael Dukakis campaign manager Susan Estrich tells us how politicians try to handle leaks on the job.

Plus, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Tom McClintock on the California recall campaign.

All these stories and much, much more...

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