Guests and Topics: Oct. 1

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Arianna Huffington (search) ends her campaign for governor, and begins a push in the opposite direction for no recall — And no Arnold. Why the complete turn around from the former independent candidate? What will this mean for the contenders still in the race?

Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will join the debate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) is ahead in the polls, but can he win the recall election with another prominent Republican still in the race? We’ll ask one of Schwarzenegger’s campaign co-chairs, Assemblyman Abel Maldonado.

Also — We’ll talk politics with the woman who had a starring role in the 2000 presidential election — Rep. Katherine Harris, R-Fla.      

And author Laura Ingraham will discuss her book: Shut Up and Sing.

Thursday, October 1

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