Topics and Guests for Wednesday, Oct. 1

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Stories for Wednesday, 
Oct. 1:

A football firestorm is brewing... Rush Limbaugh says on ESPN that sports reporters are nice to Donovan McNabb because they want to see a black quarterback succeed
• Rep. Harold Ford, Jr., D-Tenn.
• Robert Becker, FOX Sports Net legal analyst

New poll numbers show Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead of the California recall race
• Joe Cerrell, Democratic strategist
• Linda Chavez, FNC political analyst

Much has been made this week of the CIA role played by the wife of former Amb. Joe Wilson. She worked "undercover." What does that mean in CIA terms?
• Mike Baker, former CIA covert operations officer

Some Democrats are calling for an independent investigation into who leaked the name of an undercover CIA employee
• Paul Rosenzweig, former prosecutor

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