On the Road Again

Dear Viewers,

Do you wonder why our show was live from New York on Tuesday? I was in New York to do a photo shoot with several of my colleagues for a December issue of a magazine. I am not sure exactly what the story is but it must be important enough to gather people from multiple cities to do it.  The photo was not your typical "all stand around and snap a picture" type. We were asked to dress a certain way -- and we did.  I guess all I can say about it is: stay tuned...even I don't know the story with the photo.

At the photo shoot I did get to talk "books" with three of my colleagues. Bill O'Reilly's book Who's Looking Out for You? has been out for a week and Alan Colmes book Red, White & Liberal: How Left Is Right & Right is Wrong will be out in about two weeks.  Sean Hannity is also finishing a book.

I think the guys like the "book experience" more than I do. I hate actually having to sell my book. I liked writing it, and I like talking about it with people but I hate feeling I have to sell it like a carnival barker. If you want your book to sell, this is unfortunately an important element. 

While I was in New York we made the decision to take the show back on the road. We are heading back to L.A. -- we just got back Friday -- to cover the recall election next Tuesday. We are doing our regular shows and we are doing an extra one -- 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. ET on Wednesday morning. It makes sense to do that since it is only 10 p.m. California time and the polls will only have been closed two hours. There is a real chance we could be announcing the California Governor during that second show. 

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