Lana May Be a 'Super' Girlfriend on 'Smallville'

"Smallville" (search) is going to heat up this year.

Lana Lang - the love of teen Superman's life - is going finally to discover that she's head-over-heels for the man of steel.

"She's pursuing Clark this season more than she ever has," said Kristin Kreuk (search), 20, who plays Lang on the hit WB drama about a teenaged Clark Kent (Tom Welling (search)) who has yet to realize that he is Superman.

"She's kind of come to the realization that she really loves him, he's a great guy and she doesn't want to lose him," Kreuk told The Post yesterday.

But "they have issues," she conceded.

"Clark loves her so much and she adores him but can't fully comprehend why he can't open up to her. So they do this kind of dance.

"I don't think I'm giving too much away by saying that they're not in a relationship this year - but their friendship develops in a lot of ways."

Lana is always leaving the door open for him, saying 'If you're ready, I'm here to be with you - I want to be with you' but he's the one who's always closing it," she said.

Tomorrow night's season opener picks up shortly after last season's finale.

Confused and frightened about his role in the universe, young Clark Kent dons a ring made out of red kryptonite, a substance that turns the good-hearted farm boy into a chopper-riding, hell-raiser who moves to Metropolis to work for a crime lord (guest star Rutger Hauer).

"What you see in the beginning of the season is Clark dealing with the repercussions of his actions and him trying to rebuild relationships with his family and friends - with Lana and everyone," Kreuk explained.