Guests and Topics: Sept. 29

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• A new poll shows 63 percent of voters would vote yes on the recall in California. Also, 40 percent would vote for Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) and 25 percent for Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante (search ).

Meanwhile, leading Republicans continue to back Schwarzenegger — Will this force gubernatorial candidate and Republican state Sen. Tom McClintock (search) to back out?

Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., and FNC political analyst Dick Morris will join the debate.

Is it time for the Davis camp to throw in the towel and give a boost to Bustamante?

Gale Kaufman, democratic strategist, weighs in.    

• Is postwar Iraq really infested with guerrilla violence and insurgency, or are positive changes occurring every day?

We’ll get a clear picture from someone who has just returned from the liberated country, retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely.

• Is the U.S. State Department (search) in dire need of reform? Has the State strayed from its intended role in this country?

Joel Mowbray, investigative author of Dangerous Diplomacy, will explain the premises in his book. And Lawrence Korb, former assistant secretary of defense, will offer a different perspective.              

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