Topics and Guests: Sept. 26

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You won't believe the kinds of things that are still getting past security screeners at our nation's airports! While it seems like even grandmothers and babies have to take off their shoes at the airport these days, is flying really just as deadly as it was on September 11, 2001? You might be very surprised by the findings of a new General Accounting Office (search) report on airport screeners.

We'll have a candid discussion with Florida Republican Rep. John Mica who is a member of  the House Aviation Panel (search) about the GAO's new study.

Plus, is the threat from Iran's nuclear weapons getting worse? Is the United Nations (search) simply giving Iran (search) more time to hide their secret arsenal? Is there a stalling tactic at work here?

And, as the prosecution continues to bolster its case in the Laci Peterson murder trial (search) is defense attorney Mark Geragos's job on the line? Would a departure hurt Scott's case? We'll have the latest.

Then, more on the bizarre possible kidnapping plot in the Peterson case when Frank Muna the attorney for inmate Cory Lee Carroll (search), the man who first revealed the plan, and former Modesto, California Police Officer Jared Lewis go on the record.

Also, our legal panel weighs in on the new developments in the Laci Peterson case.

Tonight's distinguished attorneys include:

Gloria Allred, victims' rights attorney

Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective

Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor

Ron Sullivan, criminal defense attorney

All these stories and much more including a fresh look at the latest "Bennifer" developments. Are Jennifer Lopez (search) and Ben Affleck (search) already secretly married? In Touch weekly Senior Editor Tom O'Neil has the inside scoop!

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