Guests and Topics: Sept. 23

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Sen. Edward Kennedy’s (search) remarks that the ‘war in Iraq was hatched in Texas’ have raised brows on both sides of the aisle. Is this normal political discourse or just strident rhetoric?

Bob Mann, former press secretary to Ted Kennedy, will discuss the situation.

It’s Tuesday, so Bill Bennett of Empower America will join the debate.

And Laura Ingraham, author of Shut Up and Sing , will weigh in.

President Bush (search ) asks the U.N. for more support in Iraq. How will the world leaders react?

Former Congressman Tom Andrews will assess the situation.

And — The Oct. 7 recall election gets a unanimous go ahead from the 11-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. How permanent is this decision? Is there any chance of it be overturned by the Supreme Court?

We’ll ask FNC legal analyst Peter Johnson.

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