It's Hunting Time for Ben and Jen

First, the good news.

Less than two weeks after abruptly nixing the wedding, Ben Affleck (search) and Jennifer Lopez (search) suddenly showed up again - together - strolling into a Georgia courthouse yesterday hand-in-hand.

Now, the bad news.

The pair was there so Ben could take out a license - but it wasn't for marriage.

It was a gun license.

Not exactly the best news for Lopez, who was still emotionally reeling just days after she handed back to one-time fiancé Affleck her $1.5 million pink diamond engagement ring from Harry Winston (search).

Lopez flew to Savannah, Ga., on Friday to "conduct an exit interview and figure out what was going on," said one source.

"Jennifer gave Ben the ring back last week - before she showed up to Savannah," our spies said, "But it is still very hard for her."

The meeting this weekend was specifically to "figure out what was going on. You don't call off your wedding to someone you are in love with and then never speak to them again."

But apparently, the meeting didn't go so well. The couple spent the weekend doing what they do best - shopping - but Lopez didn't get out of the car for the majority of the time.

Photos of the two taken on Saturday, while Affleck went gun shopping, show Lopez stayed in the couple's SUV with a face like thunder. Affleck didn't look much more relaxed.

Yesterday, a People magazine photographer caught Affleck - with Lopez in tow - registering for a gun license at the Savannah courthouse to fulfill his love for skeet shooting.

"Oh, I would be very surprised if they got a marriage license. Shocked, actually," a pal of Affleck's said.

"They won't reconcile," another source said. "Look at Ben - he has ditched all of his Armani wardrobe and is back to dressing like he did in the pre-Jennifer days - shlumpy. Notice, he didn't come to her in Miami. She had to go to him."

In the days after they called off their wedding, Lopez flew to Miami while Affleck stayed in California and partied with pals before heading to Savannah last week.