Guests and Topics: Sept. 19

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• Four of California’s best known candidates for governor threaten to boycott the only debate Arnold Schwarzenegger (search ) has agreed to attend unless the, as they describe it, ‘scripted’ format is scrapped.

Is Arnold afraid to debate the issues in a spontaneous environment? Or are the other candidates merely trying to give negative publicity to the Schwarzenegger campaign?

We’ll talk recall realities with former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan .        

• Where do the Democratic hopefuls stand on the important issues? Can they back their Bush bashing up with solid plans to change a nation? Or are they just spilling rhetoric along the campaign trail in order to get some attention?

Two people who have a first hand knowledge of the election process will join the debate… former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and former vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro.         

• A bizarre twist in the Kobe Bryant (search ) sexual assault case — A man has been arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly offering to kill the Colorado accuser.

What impacts might this have on the high profile case? We’ll ask former Denver prosecutor Norm Early.

• And Dennis Miller will give us his weekly update.

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