Guests and Topics: Sept. 17

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• California officials petition the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate the Oct. 7 recall election date. Will an extended campaign be positive or negative for a challenged governor?

Rep. Bob Filner , D-Calif., weighs in           

And is the potential postponement causing a halt on the campaign trail?

We’ll ask gubernatorial candidate Sen. Tom McClintock .            

• During a Sunday service of First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, Bill Clinton urged parishioners to vote no on the recall and support Governor Gray Davis (search ).

Do notions of separation of church and state not apply to liberal black churches and Democratic Party officials? Is this speech an example of a double standard?

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is outraged about this incident, and he will join us.

• People along the East Coast prepare for Hurricane Isabel (search). We’ll get an update of the category 2 hurricane from FNC’s  Geraldo Rivera .     

• And then there were 10…Democrats vying for the presidency.

A general, a governor, a reverend, a senator — What characteristics will help any one candidate stand out in the crowded field? And do any have what it takes to compete with the president?

Democratic consultant Richard Aborn and conservative author Ann Coulter will join the debate.

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