Say What? Archive

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August 15th edition:
Shep and Greta make a date for McDonalds; Steve Harrigan sings...
August 8th edition:
It's not all serious here at FNC — Mancow's mute, Molly's "hair day," and James Rosen's Muhammad Ali impression.
July 25th edition:
Hey, it's live TV...these things happen. Brian Kilmeade puts his foot in his mouth, and the summer heat is getting to Shep.
July 18th edition:
Ready for a good laugh? There's computer trouble on FOX & Friends, O'Reilly's spinning, and Shep's on the lookout for a missing blimp.
July 11th edition:
Outrageous utterances heard on FNC — Steve Doocy remembers his prom, Shep lapses into hip-hop talk, and much more.
June 27th edition:
You don't get this from other news channels! Shep has a coughing fit, weird cows in France, and what's going on with Brian?