Hot Shots Archive

Watch all of the outrageous, wild, and odd video caught on tape:

August 18th edition:
Cool pooches, an Italian kissing contest, a tug-of-war over the Mississippi, and a high-tech way to pay for a beer.
August 8th edition:
Watch another reel of people doing odd, stupid, and dangerous things — High-flying in London, flipping for charity in Arkansas, and much more.
August 1st edition:
A two-year-old golf prodigy, Christmas in August, and ancient rituals revived, are all a part of this edition of Hot Shots.
July 25th edition:
The best pulse-pounding video — No, it's not Baywatch...just a lifeguard competition. Plus, hogs on the loose in Iowa, and one very lucky kitty.
July 18th edition:
Watch a garbage parade in Maine, A Roman reenactment, and a tree-climbing contest in this wild video clip reel.
July 11th edition:
Watch a spooky festival in Thailand, an amazing river rescue, and more.
July 3rd edition:
See a jewelry store smash-and-grab, British toe wrestling, and much more.
June 27th edition:
The wildest video of the week — A down and dirty race in California, a Russian bubble show, and a record setting wedding.