Fair and Balanced?

Dear Viewers,

I am headed to Atlantic City for Miss America (search) tomorrow and no, I am not a contestant -- the last I heard they are not looking for a 49-year-old woman who can't comb her hair and whose only talent is playing the radio! As you know, I am a judge for this year's pageant and it is not just "show up Saturday, Sept. 20 and pick someone." It’s a week of competitions that will also be judged. In between the judging, we are going to do On The Record.

In anticipation of the very busy and chaotic week -- it is always chaotic to take the show on the road, you never know what technical nightmares will arise -- we have great interviews set up. They include Tammy Faye Bakker (search) -- who could forget her problems? She has a new book coming out. I already taped that interview and we will "drop" it into a live show next week. I was so stunned by Tammy -- she was nothing like what I had expected. I bet you will also be surprised.

Also, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (search) joins us. She has a new book out that is so personal, that it is almost raw. It is funny how easy it is to form an impression of someone from reading newspapers and hearing sound bites, but when you hear from the person in long form, in a personal memoir, you discover so much more. There are so many "behind the scenes" stories in her book -- from her painful divorce, to her job as the first woman to be secretary of State. You won't want to miss the interview, nor the book.

I keep promising myself that I will stop writing about my "battle" with The Capital Times but I can't help giving you a copy of the e-mail below. It turns out that this viewer actually talked to the editor-in-chief of The Times. There is still no apology but now it is clear to me that an opinion was reached about me because I elected to come to Fox. Apparently the newspaper doesn't like Fox News Channel -- at least that is how I interpret the remarks in this e-mail. I wonder if the editor has even bothered to see our show On The Record. We already know that the paper "reviewed" my book My Turn at the Bully Pulpit without reading it, so chances are he hates our show without even watching it. But, that is just my guess. By the way, if you are a new reader of the GretaWire, if you go back and read the archived GretaWires, you will understand the "battle" that has been brewing...

Here is the e-mail:

"Dear Greta,

Zweifel answered the phone. I started out with "Mr. Zweifel are you the author of the EDITORIAL about Greta's book" and he answered with "Where are you calling from?" I said "Louisville, KY", he then said "We don't provide or serve (I don't remember the EXACT words) Louisville, KY.” I let it slide off my back, and said again "Are you the author of the editorial of Greta's book" and he said real smart "the editor is the author" I say(between you and me) this was a "cop out" big time. I then said "Rumor has it that Judy Ettonhofer is taking the heat" and he said "Judy is getting a lot of phone calls that is why she is getting the heat". I then said why was an opinion formed about the book "before" it was read, and he said, "Because we didn't have the book" then. I then said, "Don't you think you should've read it first before forming an opinion?" And he said, "Did you read our editorial"? I said yes, and he said thank you, you are the only one who has -- all the other callers who call in haven't". I then said are you going to apologize to Greta? He said "What for? Absolutely not. What is there to apologize? She simply wants to be another Ann Coulter since she switched jobs and is now working for FOX.” He was very short fused and gave very short answers and had no desire to listen to me, short of hanging up on me and that is why I forgot to mention "to drop the McCarthy stuff". He was NOT A SNOB like Judy Ettenhofer, but very short fused and really had no time for my phone call and answered my questions real fast with a "leave me alone attitude."


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