Guests and Topics: Sept. 8

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In an address to the nation last night, President Bush said the international community had a duty to make sure Iraq was stable so that the Middle East did not become an "exporter of violence and terror."

"We are fighting that enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan today, so that we do not meet him again on our own streets, in our own cities," Bush said.

In a move that could come as early as today, the president will send his request for $87 billion to fund the war on terror and the post-war effort to bring democracy to Iraq to Congress for approval.

While most lawmakers agree that the United States can't turn tail and run from unstable nations, many are conflicted about the best method for assisting Iraq and the ideal timeframe for getting out of the country.

Already, several Democrat presidential candidates have criticized Mr. Bush's speech.

What's really going on here? What is the best plan for our country and the entire Middle East? We'll debate it!

Plus, we'll talk with our FOX News Military Analyst and former U.S. Army Col. David Hunt about the United Nations and the role it should play in the rebuilding of Iraq.

Then, speaking of the race for the White House, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (search) met with several of her advisors over the weekend. Could she be considering a run for president in 2004?! We'll ask former Clinton advisor and FNC Contributor Dick Morris to give us the inside story.

And later, surprising new revelations in the murder case involving Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel (search). Why didn't we know about these revelations during Skakel's trial? We'll have some No Spin answers.

And finally, you may remember Mary McDonough from her classic role as Erin on The Waltons. But her own experience with silicone breast implants might just shock and scare you. She'll be here to tell us her personal story.

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