'The View's' Lip Shtick

Meredith Vieira pulled a Madonna on Thursday's "View" — grabbing guest host Christy Lemire and planting a big wet kiss on her lips on live TV.

"We are desperate for attention on this show. We don't get a lot, and when we get it, we love it," Vieira said after introducing Lemire, who's vying to replace former co-host Lisa Ling. "So I thought of the perfect way for us to get attention."

She then walked across the stage to Lemire and kissed her on the lips — to roars and whooping from the audience.

Lemire said she had no idea Vieira was going to kiss her.

Vieira's girl-on-girl kiss was an obvious imitation of last week's Madonna, Britney Spears smooch on MTV's Video Music Awards, which has been making headlines ever since.

Lemire said since the kiss she's been fielding phone calls and e-mail from friends, asking whether or not Vieira was a good kisser.

"I'll never tell," she wrote. "I have to go back to 'The View' Friday morning — then I have to go home to my husband Friday night."