Topics and Guests for Thursday, Sept. 4

Veteran newscaster John Gibson gets to the core of the most salient issues facing America today as host of FNC's hard-hitting primetime show The Big Story with John Gibson, airing Monday through Friday at 5 p.m. ET, with expert legal analysis from Judge Andrew Napolitano and in-depth field reports from correspondent Heather Nauert.


•  The Bush administration is pushing for a new U.N. resolution that will expand international contributions to the peacekeeping force in Iraq.

A senior administration official says that under the terms of the new language, the U.N. would gain a larger role in developing Iraq's new constitution and supervising elections.

Was the administration hesitant to widen the power supply? Dana Milbank of the Washington Post weighs in.

• Showtime's new TV movie, DC 9/11: Time of Crisis, is a reminder of both the trauma and heroism of those trying days. The controversial movie is sure to receive a wide range of reactions.

We’ll talk to the executive producer Lionel Chetwynd .      

• What events were behind Operation Iraqi Freedom (search) and how can the nation building process move forward?

Former Army Secretary Thomas White will discuss his new book, Reconstructing Eden.

All of that... and more on The Big Story With John Gibson at 5 p.m. ET.

Note: All guests and topics subject to change