Clear and Present Danger

First, there’s a story in the news about the Saudis busting a bunch of Yemenis trying to smuggle shoulder-fired missiles (search) -- the nightmare scenario for people who fly commercial airliners. Al Qaeda wants these things bad.

Now comes a story in Wednesday's Financial Times out of London that 2,000 of these shoulder-fired missiles are sitting in a warehouse in Nicaragua.

Nowadays the Nicaraguan government is friendly to us. It was the Sandinistas who bought these things from the Soviets.

The Americans want the missiles destroyed or brought to a warehouse in the U.S. But the Nicaraguans have a bunch of money invested in these things and want the Americans to pay between $100-200 million for them.

The scary part is someone is selling Nicaraguan arms out of the warehouses -- a bunch of Nicaraguan AK-47s wound up with the guerrillas in Colombia.

Now Al Qaeda is running around South America plotting -- undoubtedly trying to get those Nicaraguan missiles.

My question is: Why haven't we bought these things yet? With the price tag in Iraq running upwards of $60-80 billion, what's a hundred million?

The official position of My Word: Buy those Nicaraguan missiles now. We really don't need the worry they might get loose and wind up on some terrorist's shoulder near LaGuardia or LAX.

That's My Word.

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