Tongues Wag Over CSI's Unlikely Romance

One question romantically inclined TV audiences never tire of asking is "Will they or won't they?"

These days, the most unlikely TV couple who's keeping them guessing is "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (search) 's Sara Sidle and her boss, Gil Grissom, played by Jorja Fox (search) and William Petersen (search).

If you've been focusing on the series' parade of autopsies rather than its more subtle relationship dynamics, you missed one of last season's most heartbreaking below-the-radar attempts at pairing off.

"I don't think we've seen the end of that story line," Fox told The New York Post. "I think we're going to have a very personal year for the characters this year, more so than we've ever done."

Online chat rooms were ablaze with opinions of the budding romance, with one fan summing it up as follows: Either get together or not, but stop the big tease.

The chatter was obviously unaware that it's the big tease that ratchets up interest and makes imaginations race overtime.

"Billy [Petersen] and I both love the fact that people have different takes on it," she said. "It's kind of a little bit controversial. It takes on its own substance. People read into it what they want to."

The fictional Sidle, who has pretty much buried her feelings for Grissom, got rebuffed toward the end of last season when she tentatively expressed her wish that they take it further.

Fox says Grissom responds by basically telling Sidle, "She 'wouldn't have the chance of going out with him,' ever! He didn't know what to do with it."

So, is Grissom a simpleton or does he suspect he might have a heart?

"I think he's very much aware of it," Fox said.

Not that these two characters are paragons of relationship savvy. As one online fan wrote, they're "two workaholics with poor social skills," which prompted Fox to explain that "the show lends itself to that - so much of what they do is thinking."

Fox, 35, who made her mark playing "ER" (search) 's feisty Dr. Maggie Doyle, concedes that this past season her CSI character has become a much more vulnerable character.

"I suffered a couple of really big blows for her personally," she said, referring to betrayals by a boyfriend and another friend, not to mention the explosion at the lab. And her feelings for Grissom.

Outside of "CSI," Fox is one of the core members of Honeypot Productions, a theater group that puts up shows in the open air during California summers.

The group has been putting its efforts into an original musical they're considering adapting as a film. But right now, it's back to the crime lab and new scripts.

"We're leaving it to the writers to follow their hearts, because they're always going to be annoying someone, so you can't win," she said.