Democratic Presidential Candidates

We've compiled FNC interviews conducted with each of the Democratic Presidential candidates in recent months. Watch the videos, Speak Out and don't forget to tune in September 9 at 8 pm ET as we count down to You Decide 2004!

Carol Moseley Braun 
"None of us can judge what is in another person's heart. All you can do is judge what they do," the former ambassador told FNC's Bob Sellers. 
Gov. Howard Dean 
"The biggest threat to our defense is the deficit ... Not only is it going to undermine Medicare and Social Security, it is going to undermine our ability to defend ourselves," Gov. Dean told FNC's Neil Cavuto.
Sen. John Edwards 
"If we show leadership, I think there is a terrific chance we can bring the world closer to where it needs to be," Sen. Edwards tells FNC's John Gibson.
Rep. Dick Gephardt 
"This is not a witchhunt...If the CIA made mistakes, we need to improve their capacity. We need to find out whether or not they are giving us the intelligence we need, and we need to fix it," Rep. Gephardt told FNC's Greta Van Susteren.
Sen. Bob Graham 
"This administration has not applied the lessons learned from 9/11 to protecting the American people today," Sen. Graham told FOX & Friends.
Sen. John Kerry 
"95 percent of the containers that come into the United States are not inspected ... If there was an attack tomorrow, we'd be literally almost where we were right after 9/11," Sen. Kerry told FNC's Tony Snow.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 
"I am no more fringe than FDR was in 1932," Rep. Kucinich told FNC's Neil Cavuto.
Sen. Joe Lieberman 
"The Democratic party post Clinton-Gore, is a party that believes in fiscal responsibility, believes in tax cuts, and is willing to invest in a strong defense and use it when necessary," Sen. Lieberman tells FNC's Tony Snow.  
Rev. Al Sharpton 
"When the president stands up and says — while troops are on the ground in Iraq, an average of one a day getting killed — and says "Bring it on," that type of reckless rhetoric to me is irresponsible and should be called what it is," Rev. Sharpton tells Hannity & Colmes.