Topics and Guests: August 28

Tonight...Get on the record with Greta!

We'll take you LIVE to the memorial for slain Baylor University basketball center Patrick Dennehy.

Plus the members of our legal panel weigh in on the case and other legal issues in the news.

Our distinguished attorneys this evening include:

Geoffrey Feiger, criminal defense attorney

Jayne Weintraub, criminal defense attorney

Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor

Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective 

Finally, from sexy hostesses in skimpy shorts to wild trivia contests... Find out why Hooters Air (search) is "easy to buy and easy to fly"...

All these stories and much, much more!

Get on the record tonight at 10 p.m. ET only on the FOX News Channel!

--The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Note: Topics and guests are subject to change