Toe to Toe with Mike Tyson

Dear Viewers,

Yes, it’s an hour with Iron Mike on Monday! And don't tell me you are not interested and won't watch! OK, I thought that, too – but, that was before I spent an hour with Mike Tyson (search).

I could not help but be intrigued by this man. He a "study" of success and tragedy. How do you go from bottom to top and back again? And can he go back up? Is he personally tormented?  Is it "fun" to be Mike Tyson? After an hour, the answers may be obvious.

You may think you know Tyson -- yes, there’s the ear biting, foul language and a conviction. But can you imagine him as "historian?" I bet not. But if you tune in you will see that under his passion -- and in some instances rage – there is a man who may just know everything about boxing and its history. When he starts talking about the history of boxing he is totally transformed -- and even if you never liked boxing, he grabs your attention -- he makes it fascinating. I went to the interview with "medium" interest in boxing. I walked away from the interview thinking that I am now anxious to see a boxing match and I would love to see Tyson box as soon as he cleans up his personal life.

Yes, Tyson carries a lot of bad baggage, but I would like to see him rehabilitate himself in every way he can.

As you all know, I am a lawyer. After the interview, I could not help myself. The interview gave me clear signals about his life -- you will know what I mean after you watch the interview.  I pulled Tyson aside post interview and said privately, "I know it is none of my business, but you need to take more control of your finances. Do you sign your own checks before they go out?"

"No," he replied.

“You need to start," I said.

Since that interview, he has filed bankruptcy.


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