Guests and Topics: August 28

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A New York Times lawsuit has forced the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (search) to release transcripts of emergency calls made on September 11 to the media.

Now families of those who perished in the terror attacks are outraged that personal information from their loved ones last terrifying moments will be made public. Do they have a point?

Or does the public have a right to know what happened on that awful day to improve public safety?

We'll talk with two women who lost their husbands on that awful day about the controversy.  

Plus, forty years after Dr. Martin Luther King (search) gave his world-famous "I Have A Dream" speech are blacks in this country getting a fair shake?

And later, California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) is facing some questions about his allegedly wild sex life even though it was 25 years ago!

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