Guests and Topics: August 28

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Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) has taken a stand on the issues — Has he secured the Republican vote — Or will he need to take the ‘no new tax’ pledge to prove he is the man for the job?

The presidential election may seem far away, but the democratic hopefuls are working hard to gain the party nomination. Howard Dean (search) seems to be pulling ahead from the rest. Can he keep the lead or is it too early in the race to call? Do any of the candidates have a chance at moving into the White House in 2004?

Democratic consultant Peter Fenn and radio talk show host Laura Ingraham will join the debate.            

Who is right in the Alabama Ten Commandment (search) controversy? The Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor will join us.

And is there a way to keep our troops safe in Iraq? FNC’s own Geraldo Rivera will be here.

Labor Day Special

Catch some of your favorite past segments of Hannity & Colmes , where the debate is fair and balanced. The highlights will range from serious straight talk to a heated debate, and it would not be a patriotic holiday without a country music treat:

• Sean’s one-on-one interview with former Secretary of State James Baker
• Alan’s exclusive interview with Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle , D-S.D.
Bill Maher joins the debate
• Country music diva Sara Evans makes a special appearance

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