Topics and Guests for August 27

The Ten Commandments (search) monument is moved, the public outcry grows and the controversy continues.

Could the battle in Alabama have national implications? We’ll ask Gary Bauer, president of American Values, and Larry Darby, head of the Alabama chapter of the American Atheists.

We’ll take the market’s temperature with Hilary Kramer, president of A&G Capital; Frank Lasalla, president and COO of Bank of New York's BNY Clearing Services Unit, and Larry Wachtel, market analyst for Wachovia Securities.

In the recall race Arnold leads the pack, Cruz Bustamante is coming on strong, but Peter Ueberroth may have one of the most successful resumes of the bunch. Does the former commissioner of Major League Baseball deserve to be the next governor of the Golden State? We’ll ask him.

Many say North Korea (search) and its fast-and-loose nuclear program represents the biggest threat to our country. But can a six-nation summit reign in the rogue nation? And what will their decisions mean for our military and our markets? We’ll investigate with the Heritage Foundation’s Peter Brookes.

Plus, presidential candidate Howard Dean is on track to shatter Democratic fundraising records. Does that make him the man to beat in the race for the White House? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, and Geraldine Ferraro, former vice presidential nominee.

And, just when you thought the situation couldn't get any worse at MCI, criminal charges against the troubled telecom company and its former executives were filed today by the state of Oklahoma. Why such a drastic move? We’ll ask Drew Edmondson, attorney general of Oklahoma.

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