Guests and Topics: August 26

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Security is a fragile issue in Iraq (search) and guerrilla tactics (search) continue to set the stage. Some say we need to send more troops, but could the opposite approach be a better plan? Should President Bush be pulling our troops out?

Some military families believe that it is time for the troops to come home. Candance Robison, whose husband is in Iraq, will tell her story.

Oliver North, the host of FNC’s War Stories, will offer insight and also discuss his new book.

The latest hate crime does not choose targets based on nationality, religion or sexual orientation — but rather vehicle ownership. If you drive an SUV (search) you may awake in the middle of the night to the crashes of your car being vandalized — and the environmentalists organizing the unlawful acts believe they are doing a greater good.

Do these acts deserve praise — Or punishment to the fullest extent of the law?  Professor Bron Taylor will join the debate.

With a close eye on the polls GOP leaders continue to pressure candidates to drop out and throw support behind Arnold Schwarzenegger (search). What will be the winning strategy?

It’s Tuesday…so we’ll ask Bill Bennett.

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