Topics and Guests: August 25

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Japan barred a North Korean ferry (search) suspected of smuggling missile parts and illicit funds from leaving port today after the controversial ship failed increased safety inspections.

The white-hulled Mangyongbong-92 (search), with North Korea's red star emblazoned on its funnel, has long been a focus of suspicion during its regular visits to the northern Japanese port of Niigata. But tensions have peaked amid new allegations the boat is a conduit for communist espionage.

Meanwhile, diplomatic envoys have arrived in China for talks with North Korean officials. The talks are arrived at resolving the impasse over North Korea's suspected development of weapons of mass destruction.

We'll have the latest on this developing story.

Plus, in another troubled part of the word, thousands of Iraqis will get training as policemen at a special training center now being set up in Eastern Europe. Is this training crucial to the success of the coalition's mission in Iraq?

Then, did Scott Peterson (search) admit his involvement in his wife's disappearance to his former girlfriend, Amber Frey (search)? We told you about it here first last Friday. We'll have more on this story, tonight.

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