Topics and Guests, August 22

Jonathan Hunt reports: Violence continues to spiral in the Middle East (search) ever since the deadly homicide bus bombing shook Jerusalem (search). In response President Bush freezes assets of Hamas leaders — Meanwhile, many Palestinians poured into the streets of Gaza City (search ) today to mourn the death of a Hamas leader. Is the Roadmap destroyed?

Orlando Salinas reports: Motions for contempt and fines have been put on hold in Alabama, as the new issue is where to move the statue of the Ten Commandments once it is removed from the building. We’ll have the latest.

GUEST PREVIEW: Alabama’s Attorney General William Pryor will discuss the monumental Ten Commandment controversy.

Steve Brown reports: When the democratic hopefuls campaign to the voters in Iowa, they will know their targets. The Iowa Democratic Party's massive computer database offers distinct details about constituent voting history and pet issues for 1.8 million voters. We will have the details.

Kelly Wright reports: The 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s (search ) ‘I Have a Dream’ speech is approaching. A plaque was dedicated on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to mark the anniversary. Decades have passed, has the ‘Dream’ become a reality? We will take a look.

Chris Kline reports: Afghanistan-Road to Recovery …Our special series continues — Landmines are deadly and unpredictable — How are U.S. troops handling these lethal explosives?

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

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