Guests and Topics: August 21

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The high court has ruled in the Ten Commandments (search) controversy — We will get the legal lowdown with Alan Keyes.

What can help speed up the reconstruction effort in Iraq (search)? Is the deployment of more troops necessary and inevitable in the quest for a stable country?

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark will answer our questions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) will not rule out raising taxes in his run for governor. How are his platforms matching up to ‘fellow Republicans’, who are also reaching for the governorship?

And how unified are the Democrats in their campaigning for the recall election (search)? What is the best plan for the Golden State?

FNC’s political analyst Susan Estrich and Betsy Hart of Scripps Howard News Service join the debate.           

Plus…Country music singer Phil Vassar will give us a patriotic salute.             

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