Nude Catering Gives New Meaning to 'Naked Lunch'

There's nothing genteel about this finger food.

Corporate bigwigs are forking over as much as $700 a head for dinner parties where guests are served sushi (search ) off a naked woman.

The secret gourmet trend has taken off in the past six months in Los Angeles, and now New York is getting on the act.

"I'm being inundated with requests," said Gary Arabia, who runs a high-end catering company called Global Cuisine, based in the Warner Bros. studio in West Hollywood, Calif., and who created body sushi for his clients two years ago.

"I'm getting calls from people all over the country, but the big interest is in New York," Arabia told The Post.

Arabia, who catered New York's Grammy Awards (search ) after-party, threw an exclusive body sushi soiree for 14 guests in an apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side for a corporate client last spring. Now he's working on a similar dinner for a private Manhattan businessman in October.

Body sushi, he stresses, isn't the stuff of frat parties or stag nights.

"You don't mess around with this. It's got to be done right," said Arabia, who personally works next to the naked woman, replenishing the sushi supply with a team of six chefs.

"It needs to be done with the handling and care of professionals."

Arabia uses trained body models who know how to lie still for up to three hours.

For his New York events, he flies in L.A. actress Lilani, 26, who has two years of experience as a food model.

"It takes a lot of concentration and muscle control," he said.

New York catering company Raw Catering also throws body parties, and co-owner Andrew Hagene says he was inundated with requests from around the world after serving pastries off a woman for the opening of the Museum of Sex at the New York nightclub Lotus last year.

"We can handle truffles, caviar, pastries or sushi, whatever the client wants or can afford," said Hagene, who has done a number of private parties since the Lotus event.

But, like Arabia, he rejects requests he deems unsuitable.

"We turn down as many events as we do, especially things like bachelor parties," he said, "because they are looking for a service we are not looking to provide."