Topics and Guests for August 15

Almost two years ago, America learned what it is really like to be under attack.

Sept. 11 taught us great deal about ourselves and about security, but how much of what we learned was put into practice? We’ll ask Jim Simmons, CEO of Sungard Availability Services.

What would a terrorist make of the American blackout of 2003? Would they conclude that we are still vulnerable? We’ll ask retired U.S. Army Col. David Hunt, FNC contributor, and Tony Snow, host of FOX News Sunday.

From the president of the United States, to scores of mayors and governors, the nation’s leaders react to the power outage. Did they light up when the lights went out? We’ll be joined by Washington insider Greg Valliere of the Schwab Washington Research Group.

Will the massive blackout have a lasting negative impact on our recovering economy? We’ll get insight from Brian Finnerty, senior vice president of Melhado, Flynn and Associates, Bernie Schaeffer, chairman and CEO of Schaeffer's Investment Research, and Tobin Smith, founder and chairman of Changewave Research.

Plus, summer is the biggest shopping season aside from Christmas. How much damage did the East Coast blackout cause to the retail market? Laura Rowley, author of On Target, How the World's Hottest Retailer Hit a Bullseye, and Robert Brusca, chief economist at Ecobest and Dupont, join the debate.

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