Topics and Guests: August 12

Tonight... Get on the record!

Does California Republican State Sen. Tom McClintock have a strategy that will put him ahead of the nearly 200 candidates in the gubernatorial race (search )? Find out when he goes On the Record.

One U.S. Soldier was killed and two were wounded when their convoy was attacked west of Baghdad (search). Meanwhile, rising temperatures make the region one of the hottest places in the world as U.S. troops continue their raids in search of members of Saddam Hussein's (search) inner circle.

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Bob Scales and CENTCOM's (search) Cpt. Jeff Fitzgibbons will discuss the latest.

And some unsuspecting University of New Hampshire students have been the victims of an alarming new crime. An unidentified assailant has snuck into their unlocked apartments at night and snipped off their clothing while they sleep.

Jenna Bardzik, a friend of one of the victims, will give us the story.

Should the Kobe Bryant (search) sexual assault case be moved in order to receive a fair trial? Or is this just a ploy by the defense to blur the real issue at hand? Our legal roundtable weighs in.

Tonight's distinguished attorneys include:

Geoffrey Fieger, criminal defense attorney
Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney  
Jeff Brown, criminal defense attorney
Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney

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