Guests and Topics: August 12

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The recall situation in California (search) has been full of surprises and has received national attention. Nearly 200 constituents of the state feel that they could do a better job than the current Governor Gray Davis (search).

What, or whom will it really take to get this state out of the financial hole it is already in? We’ll investigate the issue.

Do you ever wonder what legal validation the Internal Revenue Service (search) has for forcing you to pay taxes? Well, one FedEx pilot did and a decade ago she decided she would stop paying until the I.R.S answered her letters that posed that question. 

Vernie Kuglin was just found not guilty of tax evasion charges. She and her attorney Larry Becraft will tell us the details.        

And, can Kobe Bryant’s (search) defense team get a fair trial in Eagle, Colorado? Defense attorney John Burris weighs in.

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