Topics and Guests, August 11

Bret Baier reports: President Charles Taylor (search) steps down and accepts asylum in Nigeria (search). Will this be the end of the bloodshed in the war-torn nation? We will have the story.

Major Garrett reports: California voters who recall Governor Gray Davis (search) will have a choice between nearly 200 candidates to replace him. What order will they be listed on the ballot? California's secretary of state held a drawing to determine just that, we’ll give the details.

Carl Cameron reports: The nine democratic presidential hopefuls are on the hunt for interest group backing. We’ll update the latest from the campaign trail.

Steve Centanni reports: And violence picks up in Iraq (search) as one American soldier was killed and two others wounded in an attack in the Iraqi town of Ba'qubah. 

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

— Guests and topics are subject to change