Jagger, Doors Included in 'Worst Music' List

Blender magazine has named the "50 Worst Artists in Music History" - and the list is bound to infuriate pop fans, because along with expected names like Celine Dion (search) and Vanilla Ice are legends like The Doors (search) and Mick Jagger (search).

Even current top-selling acts, such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Creed and the Gipsy Kings, get savaged.

"If I were any of these groups, I would be angry about making the list - but they should be better. It's their fault they're on it," Blender's editor, Andy Pemberton, told The Post.

The music mag gives Jagger a kick in the behind for his less-than-stellar solo career away from the Rolling Stones.

"Even a tone-deaf 6-year-old could have produced something you'd want to hear twice, or at least once," Blender teases.

The Doors, which had some of the biggest hits of the '60s, including "Light My Fire," get whacked because Jim Morrison (search) "unfortunately inflicted his terminally adolescent views on the wider world . . . such ill-advised subjects as Nietzsche, black magic and Native American folklore.

"Then he got fat and died."