Guests and Topics: August 8

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A new Club For Growth (search) ad has some criticisms for Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (search), D-S.D. Has the senator changed since his early years in Washington? Is he now out of touch with his constituents?

Or are these ads misstating the facts? Stephen Moore of Club For Growth and former congressman Tony Coelho will join the debate.                            

And does Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) have what it takes to be governor? Former California governor Pete Wilson and actor Tom Arnold will join the discussion.

Former prosecutor Craig Silverman and defense attorney Jan Ronis will discuss the latest with the Kobe Bryant (search) sexual assault case.

Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin will discuss her latest.              

And the California gubernatorial race has raised many brows; don’t miss when Dennis Miller gives his opinion. 

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