Topics and Guests: August 7

Tonight... Get on the record!

Campaign-spouse-turned-commentator Arianna Huffington (search) pledged Wednesday that she will end special interest tax breaks and decrease college tuition fees if elected California's governor in October. Does she have a strategy that will lead her to the governor’s chair? She’ll join us.

FNC contributor Michael Barone also goes on the Record.    

Plus, we'll get the latest on the hunt for Saddam (search) from CENTCOM's Cpt. Jeff Fitzgibbons who is in the Middle East.

Finally, our legal roundtable weighs in on the Kobe Bryant (search), Mike Tyson (search), and Scott Peterson (search ) cases.

Tonight's distinguished attorneys include:

Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor
Jayne Weintraub, criminal defense attorney
Geofrey Fieger, criminal defense attorney    

Catch all this and much, much more...

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