Topics and Guests, August 7

Adam Housley reports: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) surprised many when he announced during the Wednesday Tonight Show taping that he will run for governor in the California recall election.

That same day Sen. Dianne Feinstein (search), D-Calif., announced that she would not be throwing her hat into the race and advised fellow Democrats to follow suit. Two top Democrats have decided not to follow her advice and are picking up their candidacy papers to get on the ballot.

And now the man who started it all…millionaire Rep. Darrell Issa (search), R-Fla., says he will ‘not’ run. Housely will be live with the latest.

Guest Preview: Dan Weintraub, a columnist for the Sacramento Bee, will discuss the suspenseful recall situation in the Golden State.

Carl Cameron reports: Al Gore (search) hurled some harsh comments at the Bush Administration (search) during a speech given at New York University. Is he testing the waters for a presidential campaign in 2004?

The Congressional Black Caucus (search) and the FOX News Channel announced today they will jointly sponsor two Democratic presidential debates. We’ll give the details.

Steve Centanni reports: A truck bomb that went off outside the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad (search) killed at least 11 people. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack but two groups are under suspicion.

Bret Baier: A U.S. military general says that Saddam Hussein (search) is now constantly on the move in Iraq to evade capture. Are the troops closing in?

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

— Guests and topics are subject to change