Guests and Topics: August 5

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Why are some Black Americans angry that President Bush (search) met with Jesse Jackson (search)? Niger Innis of C.O.R.E. and columnist Jim Izrael will discuss the issue.

And the heat is on between the Democratic hopefuls who prepare for the AFL-CIO (search) candidates’ forum tonight.

Will the contenders come across with a united political front or will they continue to turn on each other? Betsy Hart of Scripps Howard News Service and Democratic consultant Peter Fenn will assess the latest.

We will update the Kobe (search) case. FOX”s own Rita Cosby and defense attorney Harvey Slovis will join the discussion.

And could the media frenzy surrounding Kobe Bryant actually be good news for the NBA (search)? Sports radio host Chuck Booms will answer our questions.         

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