Topics and Guests for August 4

Mixed economic news (search) sends Wall Street on a wild ride. Can your portfolio profit?

We'll investigate with Hilary Kramer, president of A&G Capital; Michelle Girard, treasury strategist at Wachovia Securities; David Nelson, president of DC Nelson Asset, and Charles Payne, CEO of Wall Street Strategies.

Forget about all the problems keeping peace in Iraq, is it time to go to war in North Korea? We’ll ask retired three-star U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, FNC military analyst.

Talk about the buzz Howard Dean (search) is creating. The Democratic presidential candidate is gracing the covers of both Time and Newsweek's latest issues. Not bad for a guy once considered a long shot at best. But is his popularity peaking too soon? We’ll ask Mary Anne Marsh, Democratic strategist, and Scott Segal, Democratic consultant.

Plus, are your taxes putting money in the pockets of professors who are teaching our kids a little too much slant and not enough substance? Educational writer Laura Vanderkam explains.

And, lose weight with food that tastes great? Greg Halpern, CEO of Circle Group Holdings, says he has the winning recipe and the business plan. He’ll weigh in on tonight's edition of Your World with Neil Cavuto.

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