Topics and Guests, August 4

James Rosen reports: Sen. Ernest Hollings (search), D-S.C., holds a news conference to announce he will not seek re-election to a seventh term in the U.S. Senate.

Guest Preview: Daniel Weintraub of The Sacramento Bee assesses the recall situation in California.


Major Garrett reports: Presidential hopeful Sen. Joe Lieberman (search), D-Conn., tells the National Press Club (search) that Democrats who appear too extreme could be detrimental to the party. After the speech Lieberman spoke one-on-one with Major Garrett.

Jim Angle reports: The Washington Post reports that Secretary of State Colin Powell (search) and his deputy, Richard Armitage (search) have served notice that they will not serve a second term if President Bush is re-elected. The White House has denied that report, saying it is not true. We will have the story.

Bret Baier reports: North Korea (search) expects six-country talks over its nuclear arms program to take place soon, this coming on the heels of remarks made by a senior U.S. official which called life in North Korea a 'hellish nightmare.'

Claudia Cowan reports: Governor Gray Davis (search) asks California’s Supreme Court to delay the October recall election until March. Can Gray change the recall into a replay?

Steve Brown reports: New controversy surrounds the already contested ordination of the first openly gay bishop to the U.S. Episcopal Church. We’ll have the latest twist that has called time-out to the controversial vote.

Stuart Ramsay reports: West African peacekeepers (search) arrived in Liberia (search) and were greeted by rejoicing Liberians who are hopeful that the bloodshed will finally be over for good.  

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

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