WMD’s Not First Priority

And now the most scintillating two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

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WMD’s Not First Priority

Finding weapons of mass destruction (search) now ranks only third with Americans when it comes to top priorities in Iraq, according to a new FOX News-opinion dynamics poll out today. Forty one percent now say establishing a new government should be the top priority for the U.S. in Iraq, followed by finding Saddam with 25 percent, with only 12 percent putting finding WMD first. The poll also shows 67 percent of Americans believe it was "necessary" for the United States to release those photos of Saddam Hussein's (search) dead sons, with 28 percent saying otherwise.

Allies for Peace?

Saudi Arabia (search) has been trying to convince Americans through a TV ad campaign that the Saudi people are America's, "allies for peace." But a new poll out suggests that Saudis don't think much of this country. The Zogby International poll found that while 90 percent say they have no quarrel with Americans, there are 70 percent who say they disapprove of this country, with 81 percent disapproving of American policy toward Iraq, the nation from whom American forces have been protecting Saudi Arabia since 1991. Meanwhile, that new FOX Poll shows that Americans, by 67 to 16 percent, do not trust the Saudis as allies against terrorism.

Getting the Fax Straight

Democratic presidential candidate, North Carolina Senator and millionaire John Edwards (search), who has blasted President Bush for tax cuts to the rich, has not paid property taxes on his D.C. mansion for four months and owes the cash-strapped city more than $11,000. The Washington Times faxed him a letter yesterday informing him of his delinquency, and an Edwards spokeswoman now says he, "takes full responsibility for any of those bills that were late." He had a check dropped off at the D.C. government.

Hurricane Hoopla

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, has detected racial discrimination in the naming of Hurricanes. She says names like Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Sam and Hurricane Wanda are just too white and, "all racial groups should be represented." But, as The Hill newspaper notes, Jackson Lee will have to wait until at least 2007, when the current roster of names runs out.

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report

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