Topics and Guests: July 29

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Are we closing in on Saddam Hussein (search)? Now that we've captured his former bodyguard are we just days away from nabbing the former Iraqi dictator? Are there any special clues contained on a new audio tape that's purported to be the voice of Saddam mourning the deaths of his two eldest sons? 

We'll have the latest from Iraq including a LIVE report from our own Steve Centanni in Baghdad (search).

Plus, President Bush met with Israel's Prime Minister Sharon (search) today and also had a separate meeting scheduled with the Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal (search).

What kinds of pressures are on the president right now when it comes to the entire Middle Eastern region? Former four-time presidential adviser David Gergen goes on the record!

Also, Stephen Schwartz, author of the book The Two Faces of Islam  discusses the political balancing act in Washington over the Congressional report on the 9/11 intelligence failures. Today, the White House announced it will not declassify part of the report that discusses Saudi Arabia and the kingdom's possible role in the September 11 terror attacks.

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