'Sea Diddy' Lives Large in Luxury Yacht

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (search) is livin' large in the Mediterranean aboard this 181-foot luxury yacht — and it's costing him an astounding $400,000 a week.

The high-spending hip-hop honcho set sail from the South of France over the weekend with girlfriend Kim Porter, their 4-year-old son, Christian, and several close pals.

"He's traveling around the Mediterranean. It's his annual trip," Combs' flack, Nathalie Moar, told The Post.

Annual, but by no means ordinary. The stunning $25 million Southern Cross III he's relaxing on is the size of a small Hamptons mansion. It has seven posh cabins equipped with king-sized beds and Jacuzzis, fully stocked indoor and outdoor bars and a private deck with a hot tub.

A chef is available 24 hours a day to whip up whatever gourmet specialties the hip-hop king and his guests desire, and the captain is on call to pull into any port for impromptu shopping expeditions.

An additional staff of 13 are on deck to cater to P. Diddy's every whim, be it a massage, a manicure or a haircut.

The bedrooms also have giant TV sets, state-of-the-art stereos and DVD movie collections, as well as personal computers with Internet access. Curtains open and close with the press of a button.

And there's a spacious formal dining room and comfy living room. If any of P. Diddy's friends want to drop in unexpectedly, they can land on a hydraulically operated helicopter pad.

The basic cost of the yacht is $26,000 a day, not including food, booze, fuel and gratuities, which cost $14,000 - for a grand total of $40,000 for every 24 hours. And since the minimum rental period is 10 days, that brings Diddy's grand total to $400,000.

On his first morning aboard, he could be seen emerging barefoot, dressed in a knee-length white bathrobe with a thick gold chain and cross around his neck. Strolling along the deck, Diddy looked up, then lit a cigar and began puffing away. Later, under Diddy's supervision, little Christian climbed on a Jet Ski and tooled around in the cool, green-blue waters.

Extravagant? Absolutely. But P. Diddy can certainly afford it.