'Joe Millionaire' Blows His Cool

Mild-mannered reality-show star Evan Marriott (search) turns the tables in his first movie role, exploding in a blistering rant in the middle of a restaurant.

The film debut of the tousle-haired bulldozer jockey from "Joe Millionaire" takes place Aug. 16 on ABC Family in the new made-for-TV movie "See Jane Date."

Marriott appears only briefly in the role of Hank Chilton, one of a series of men who are set up on blind dates with a young book editor (Charisma Carpenter) who's trying to snare a boyfriend in time for her cousin's wedding.

Jane's date with Chilton ends before it can begin when Jane goes to meet him in a Manhattan restaurant and he's already chewing out the maitre d' for giving them a table too close to the rest room.

"So I don't understand why that's the only table you can give me!" screams Marriott, who was much more gentle when he picked Zora Andrich (search) over Sarah Kozer (search) in the "Joe Millionaire" finale last February.

"I mean, it's two feet from the barthroom! I think the Health Department would have a thing or two to say about this, don't you? Huh?"