Topics and Guests, July 28

Jim Angle reports: President Bush makes a rare appearance before a conference of the National Urban League (search), a group that represents black Americans. We’ll have the story.

Carl Cameron reports: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Lieberman (search) has criticized the Bush administration for mishandling prewar intelligence and for not being prepared for a post war Iraq. We’ll have the fallout.

Adam Housley reports: And as the recall election gets closer in California it seems that the Terminator will not be on the ballot. A source tells FOX News that Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) will not seek the California Governor's office. We’ll have the full report.

Mike Emanuel reports: The bloody guerrilla attacks continue in Iraq, at the same time U.S. forces are closing in on Saddam (search).

Greg Kelly reports: The hunt for Saddam may be leaving him with no place to hide. Greg Kelly is live in Tikrit and he will update the situation.

Amy Kellogg reports: On the eve of the one-month anniversary for the Middle East (search) ceasefire, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is in Washington preparing to meet with President Bush. What will this step mean for the Roadmap for Peace (search)?

Carolyn Shively reports: The Patriot Act (search) has come under scrutiny from the Department of Justice and the ACLU. Attorney General John Ashcroft has come to the defense of the act, explaining that it fights against terror.

Mali Bawa reports: Bob Hope (search) died at his home last night at the age of 100. Hope brought laughter and cheer to so many people, especially the country’s servicemen and women. President Bush offered condolences and praised Hope for entertaining troops in several wars.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

— Guests and topics are subject to change